Rancho Deluxe by Andrew Matt

Further development for the "...meanwhile back at the ranch" container based project.  Tentatively called Rancho Deluxe.  Will incorporate state of the art water reclamation methods and other sustainable elements for power and infrastructure

Warming huts at The Forks, Winnipeg Canada by Andrew Matt


Flow is an experience seeking to re-create habitable nooks and crannies found in glacially
carved canyons and crevasses. It is imagined as a monolithic reflective block that when
delivered to the site, fractures and is deployed to a canyon-like arrangement providing shelter
from the wind and opportunities to relax and chat with adjacent crevasse dwellers.
Movement of skaters through and around the objects evokes the flows and eddies of natural
river patterns.The collection of flow blocks have an active
yet glacial presence that is accentuated by the relationship between figure ground and
the reflective exterior material. Reflection and refraction of the specular horizon echoes
the wind swept snow flurries in parallel with the striated horizon. Vibrant internal hues
resonate from external cracks and fissures and hint at interior environments intending to draw
visitors in to explore.